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Harris & Ford vs. Gordon & Doyle (feat. Lisah) Das Geht Boom (Shag Ragga)

Harris & Ford vs. Gordon & Doyle ft. Lisah - Das geht Boom (Shag Ragga)
The dance chart heroes from Austria are back. Das geht Boom (Shag Ragga) is the name of they new smasher, following their last super hit Legendär. This time the guys hooked up with Gordon & Doyle and are again ready to rock the floors. Including remixes from Gordon & Doyle, DJ Selecta, Ivan Fillini, Clubraiders, Dancefloor Kingz as well as Dawson & Creek

ab 05.06.2013 1 Extended Mix
2 Clubraiders Remix
3 Dancefloor Kingz Remix
4 Dawson & Creek Remix
5 Gordon & Doyle Mix
6 Ivan Fillini Remix
7 Selecta Remix

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